In this series of articles, have a look at some of the PHP projects I’ve worked on.

  • WordPress. A discussion of PHP is incomplete without seeing the work I’ve done in WordPress. This article series discusses how I’ve built this site in particular. Read More >>
  • Google Analytics Displayed with Google Visualization Graphs. This project was spread across several disciplines, but here I’ll talk about the server-side PHP portion of the project, with a demo. Read More >>
  • Scribblings-n-Stuff Art Site. In my other life, I am also a watercolor artist. The Scribblings-n-Stuff site was built on WordPress as well, it has much more functionality than this site. It t uses a gallery, the prettyPhoto Plugin, and the WooCommerce Plugin. Read More >>
  • SOAP To Array. An approach to receiving API endpoint that doesn’t use standard libraries because the environment wouldn’t support it. Accepts an endpoint SOAP (or XML) response and converts it to an easily readable array. Read More >>
  • CSV To Array. A wrapper object for str_getcsv() that allows a customizable interface with which to read any CSV into an array without duplicating code. Read More >>
  • Matt Zandstra’s Armies. (In development) I am a huge fan of Matt Zandstra. From chapter 10 of PHP Objects, Patterns & Practice, a fun working version of the armies concept he uses to describe flexible patterns for object oriented programming. Read More >>
  • External Service Parsing. (In development) The task is to query an external site for files that may change at any time, dig through them for multiple values that may exist in any of the files, then assemble a comparative interface for an administrator to add or update local values. Read More >>