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Who I Am

I entered the publication and advertising industry in 1984, before the Internet, before desktop publishing, when the only computer access was a college mainframe. I was fortunate to be a part of the digital revolution in the printing industry, and worked through the early stages of what we now know as Digital Desktop Publishing.

Early in 1995 I got my first taste of this new technology called the Internet. I browsed my first "web pages" with the command line browser Linx, and began browsing the early IRC channels, much like a CB hobbyist. Around 1995 I built my first web page, filled with all the web horrors – animated .gif’s, tables for layout, browser inconsistencies, and the mother of all horrors, the <BLINK> tag. I proclaimed myself a genius and master of the Internet. (In case you didn’t get it, that’s sarcasm.)

Over the years I have worked as an independent contractor and at multiple companies with developers much smarter than I, all of which I am grateful to have learned from. I’ve made all the mistakes, learned from them, and kept up with emerging technologies as they arise. Currently my concentration is in Object Oriented Programming in PHP and Javascript, and am agile in multiple frameworks and technologies. See the code samples page for actual code, articles, and working demos.

I was once asked in an interview (I didn’t get the job) "what is the one thing anyone you know will say about you?" Without hesitation I replied "I will always do what I say I’ll do." Personal and professional integrity is the foundation of everything I do, even in my personal projects. If you’re in the market for someone who will give your project full attention, meet deadlines, and produce the most efficient product possible, drop me a line and we’ll chat. Resumé available by request.