Code Samples

In these articles I discuss some of my implementations in various languages and frameworks. I am constantly revising and updating these sections and will soon have raw code available on GitHub.


I'm going to start with Wordpress and use this site as a working example in a small series of articles that demonstrate how I work. A lot of people discount Wordpress with claims it is inefficient and consumes far too many resources, but it's my assessment that the real problem is in themes and plugins. We'll discuss how you can make Wordpress fast and lean. read more >>


I've been developing in PHP since the year 2000, and have focused on OOP programming in PHP for at least the last 10 years. My first love is still Perl, and had to un-learn a lot of what I learned with it, but these days code almost exclusively with PHP on the server side. In this series of articles I'll discuss some of the more useful objects and code I've worked on over the years. read more >>

Javascript and jQuery

I coded my first Javascript "Hello World" probably around 1995 and it has been an integral part of my tool belt ever since. I've worked in jQuery UI, Kendo, and other frameworks but most of my client side code is home grown, creating only what I need to complete a task. This series of articles will discuss some of the more useful projects I've worked on and the Javascript code that has played a part. read more >>

HTML/CSS Development and Design

I remember coding in HTML 1.0 and have watched the progress of the HTML spec over the years, thought HTML 2.0, 3.0 , 4.0 and eventually HTML5. I remember the browser compatibility years (that was a tough time!) and forged through them with device compatibility the foremost concern. In this series of articles I discuss how I code HTML, and structure documents to provide the best semantic description to the devices reading it. read more >>


Perl is a language of the past for many, but you would be surprised to find it is still very active in command line scripts around the world. The Practical Extraction and Reporting Language was my first server site scripting language and to this day I still code in it for projects that require Perl. Here are a few of the projects developed by CreatSource in Perl. read more >>