In this series I discuss some of my Perl projects and what it has brought to my current development experience.

  • CreateSource legacy site. I keep the legacy site alive to remind myself of how far I’ve come in two decades. The dynamic pages of the portfolio are built entirely in Perl, and there were a lot of other features that have been removed. Originally I used the site to allow clients to submit requests for proposals, submit ad materials for production, and a customer login area to communicate and download completed ads, all driven by Perl. Legacy Site >>
  • Zarifa’s. In 2005 Zarifa leased a 200 square foot retail space on the main drag, 6th Street, in Grants Pass, Oregon, and opened a belly dance supply and metaphysical store. We built her website entirely in Perl, with an administrative area to add products, an online shopping cart interfaced with payment processors, and a dynamic events section. At the time the online sales supported her business well enough to expand the store by 300 square feet, into the next suite and opened dance studio in which she held classes and events. The store was closed in 2010 when Zarifa move to San Diego, and the web site needs updating for the video implementation. Go to Zarifa’s >>
  • What I learned from Perl. Many of the tasks I do in PHP on a project to project basis are almost automatic. In Perl, we had to build this functionality from scratch. Filtering data input, security, database interaction, and many other tasks aren’t ready out of the box with a filter or function, you have to create them. Read More >>
  • List Sorter. (In development.) This is a working example of a Perl project I did in my freelance days. Compare two email lists, look for duplicates, and product a third clean list without the dupes. The original implementation was database-driven, but the demo uses static lists for demonstration purposes. This demo shows the power of the fork() function to monitor long processes without bringing down the server.