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PLEASE NOTE: You are viewing the legacy site, created in the year 2000. I keep it here mostly for reference. It is built entirely in Perl except for the main facing pages. Return to main site.

Do it once, do it right. CreateSource brings over 25 years of web development expertise to your project. We can develop any web design, page production, programming, print media, video, or database project, large or small. Read more about CreateSource About CreateSource

Web Development, web design, programming

Web Design, Development, and Internet Applications

CreateSource produces only standards compliant pages that are easily digested by search engines, and validates all pages with the W3C validator. CreateSource has a long history in many programming languages and can provide custom server-side programming to suit your needs. See our web portfolio CreateSource Web Portfolio

Brochures, ads, fliers, print media

Print Media

CreateSource was fortunate to have played many important roles in the printing industry when the digital revolution changed everything about printing. With a working knowledge of print requirements and specifications, your project will print as expected without added costs of corrections due to improper pre press preparation. See our print media portfolio CreateSource Print Media Portfolio

Graphic design, logo development

Graphic Design and Logo Development

Company graphics are more than just an attractive medium to support your business. Graphics surrounding your message also relate branding of your service or product, must reproduce across all media, web, video, or print, and must maintain a consistent company image. See our logo design portfolio CreateSource Logo Design Portfolio

Product photography and model photography

Photography and Imaging

The advent of the digital camera has put photography in just about everyone's hands, but sometimes you need someone with experience and training to produce acceptable images. CreateSource frequently shoots both model and product photography for many clients. See our photography portfolio CreateSource Photography Portfolio

Video filming, video editing, video deployment

Video Production

It's all about video on the Internet. Video presents many challenges in terms of bandwidth and presentation to all potential clients. CreateSource can bridge this challenge, producing streaming video for the web or high quality video for television broadcast. See our video portfolio CreateSource Video Portfolio