CreateSource History

PLEASE NOTE: Createsource now offers development services by special appointment only and has pursued other career options. If you have a project I might be interested in, please contact me.

I entered the publication and advertising industry in 1984, before the Internet, before desktop publishing, when the only computer access was a college mainframe. I was fortunate to have become an active part of the digital revolution in the printing industry, converting my specialized old-school printing industry skills to their digital equivalents as I worked through the early stages of what we now know as Digital Desktop Publishing.

In 1995 I discovered the potential of the Internet in relation to the printing industry, and what it meant to prospective publishers and advertisers. I began furiously training in web page creation and server-side programming. I made a lot of mistakes, and learned from them well. In 1997 I began moonlighting as a freelance web developer and programmer; from 1999 to 2004, I worked as the senior web developer at a major Northwest ISP.

Working at an ISP is the best possible experience any web developer can hope for. I was able to interact with many brilliant administrators and developers who taught me the in's and out's of both Linux and Windows-based servers; I began integration of front end web pages, server-side programming, and databases; but most of all, I began to gain an understanding of client needs and the best paths to meet their needs within their budgets.

In 2005 I began working as an independent contractor and CreateSource was born. To present, I work with select clients, providing custom programming and web development that supplements their business income, often in proportions meeting or exceeding their offline income. Whether it's a simple web page to present your business or a full blown ecommerce solution, I have never met a project that I closed with "impossible."

Thank you for considering CreateSource as your source for creativity, ideas, and source code. I look forward to joining forces with you in your next project.

William (Bill) Snowman